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Should I impregnate leather?

Leather is inured to water but not necessarely water resistant. We recommend to impregnate your leather wear, as it will be more resistant towards water and dirt.


How should leather clothing be ventilated?

Just a short time, like 2-3 hours at a shady good aired spot. Direct sun may cause light damages (also inside cars!) and it may not be possible to re-color it.


Can I iron crinkled leather myself?

Of course - but leave humidity and too high heat aside. Use middle heat and always use a iron fabric between the leather and the iron. You need patience as the heat transfer happens very slow.


How do I best store my leather clothing?

Cool and dry. Cellars can be humid and favor bad fungal attack (mold fungus). Such an infestation can be irreparable. Your leather will feel good with 50% rel. humidity.


When should leather clothing be washed?

When it feels greasy and you don't feel anymore comfortable in it. If you wait too long, it is possible that some dirt can't be removed. Wear and take care of your favorite clothing - we can only transform a weared jacket in a "again wearable jacket" but not return it into a brand new condition.


Is there a risk in cleaning it?

Leather can have color variations after treatments. The more it will be lubricated the darker is the result. You will be informed of this risks in any cleaning store.


Cleaning identification?

Often there is no maintenance instruction. Nevertheless your cleaning expert will be able to take care of it. There exist many options.


Spot removal, that you can handle at home:

  1. Most of the dirt is water soluble. It can therefore be easily removed with a wet flannel.
  2. Oil, sauces or other greasy food spots can be removed with chalk powder.
  3. Don't use any solvents on leather. They leave borders as the leather will be defatted on that spot. For big fat spots please consult a specialist.
  4. Sweat borders are salt borders that can be easily removed with a bit of water. For all dirt it's essential: the faster you remove it, the better is the chance that it will be all gone. If there is a rest of coloured borders around the spot, please contact your leather cleaning expert.
  5. Should your leather clothing once get very wet, simply let it dry in fresh air. It will have a light "dry numbness". That can be removed by 30min middle heat tumble dryer. Never put your leather clothing wet into the tumble dryer. The piece could shrink.
  6. Water spots on velour leather can be removed with a brush or crèp-scrubber.
  7. Continous impregnation is recommended, as it will be protected from water and dirt.
  8. Greasy collar: for velours leather we recommend to treat it with gum brush. In harder cases feel free to use chalk powder.
  9. Sugary and the most watery spots can easily be removed with a wet flannel. Don't moist it, just ream it humid and borderless.
  10. Blood and eggwhite spots have to be removed when they're fresh. It is possible to use a light soap solution (or a drop of ammoniac). Just remove it humid, not wet, borderless.
  11. Chewing gum gets hard in the fridge and can be scraped off. It is also soluble with cleaning solvent, but it could leave borders. Please contact your leather cleaning expert.

Do not experiment on visible surfaces, if you're insecure try it first on hidden spots. The expert does it the same way. In case of major dirt, we recommend to consult a specialist cleaning store. On new pieces please ask for the best possible focused spot removal.

Be happy with your leather!

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